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St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church
The First Byzantine Catholic Parish Canonically Established on the West Coast of the USA!
2200 Arctic Blvd., Anchorage AK 99503-1909
Ph: 907 277-6731

Our parish community is open to any Catholic and to anyone:
1. who is interested in seeking the Lord Jesus through His Word, the teachings of the Apostles, and the Sacred Mysteries;
2. who accepts the teachings of the Byzantine Catholic Church;
3. who will help form a community based on the Lord’s love;
4. who is willing to grow as a Christian within the legitimate spiritual traditions of the Byzantine Catholic Church within our American context;
5. who acknowledges the legitimate authority of the Pope, Bishop, and Pastor;
6. who will attend liturgical services on Sundays and great holydays;
7. and who is willing to support the growth of the Church by sharing his/her time, talent and treasure (financial support);
Actual Parish membership is based on the above and is determined by the following: being registered,
attending services regularly,
and contributing to the support of the Church!
Parish Information—These Require Parish Membership
Holy Mysteries of Initiation: Arrangements for Baptism, Chrismation and First Divine Eucharist must be made with the Pastor at least one month in advance. Godparents must present a signed letter from their pastor stating that they are practicing members of the Catholic Church.
First Penance: Preparation for First Penance is part of our Eastern Christian Formation Program. After completing this program, parents are to bring their children and present him/her to the priest for First Penance.
Crowning in Marriage: This celebration requires membership in the parish of one of the parties for at least six months prior to making arrangements for marriage. Marriage arrangements must be made at least six months prior to the ceremony with the pastor. Prudence dictates that Church arrangements be made before reception arrangements are made!
Sick and Shut-Ins: It is the family’s responsibility to notify the pastor when a member is in the hospital of confined to home because of sickness or old age. Father will bring the confined person the Holy Mysteries on a regular basis. It is recommended that one receives the Anointing of the Sick before any major surgery.
Don’t let the pastor be the last to know that someone is ill!

Deaths/Funerals: The pastor must be notified as soon as possible when a parishioner dies. No funeral arrangements should be made without consulting the pastor.
Stewardship Envelopes: For good order, all parishioners should be using the Stewardship Envelopes for tithing and offerings.

 A Catholic Church Serving the Christian Faithful in the State of Alaska
According to the Traditions of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Communion with the Bishop of Rome
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