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St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church
The First Byzantine Catholic Parish Canonically Established on the West Coast of the USA!
2200 Arctic Blvd., Anchorage AK 99503-1909
Ph: 907 277-6731

Yes, we are Catholic in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, whom we recognize as the visible Head of our Catholic Church. We are recognized as being “Catholic” by the local Roman Catholic Archbishop of Anchorage as well as the Bishops of the United States and throughout the whole world.
We are “Catholics”, but NOT Roman Catholics. We are Eastern Catholics. As Catholics, we Eastern and Roman Catholics share the same faith and have the same seven Holy Mysteries (Sacraments). The difference is that we Eastern Catholics have a different way or rite of expressing our Faith through our Liturgy and Traditions. Our Church is blessed with the richness of Eastern spirituality.
Most people, especially Catholics, are unaware that the Catholic Church is a communion of twenty-two ritual Churches, each with its own particular customs, laws, traditions and liturgy, united by the same Faith. The Roman Catholic Church, which is by far the largest of these twenty-two Churches, is the most prominent. Unfortunately the other twenty-one ritual Churches being significantly smaller live in the shadow of the Roman Catholic Church and consequently are not as well known. Our Church is one of these twenty-one ritual Churches.

 A Catholic Church Serving the Christian Faithful in the State of Alaska
According to the Traditions of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Communion with the Bishop of Rome
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